Henry B Gonzales Convention Center

Cantilever Room

Cantilever Room

The Meeting Room of the Future, the Cantilever Room also known as meeting room 220 provides a dramatic new experience in the convention and meetings industry unique to San Antonio. The 4,000 square foot room is located adjacent to the main entry of the expanded convention center and is cantilevered over two lanes of traffic into Market Street. This dramatic architectural feature provides views into and out of the meeting room allowing the programmatic content of the room to be celebrated and become a beacon to the city of San Antonio.

The interior of the room is conceived as an alternating experience of views to the city and a variety of presentation methods allowing the room to be custom tailored to presentation methods desired by the next generation of meeting planners.

The Cantilever Room has an array of presentation capabilities. The materials in the space consist of a wood slat feature wall and brightly colored accent walls to give the room a modern industrial feel. The room lighting compliments this innovative experience with multiple light fixtures unique to this space. The furniture for this space provides maximum flexibility in room setup, consisting of a variety of seating types ranging from traditional meeting room chairs to bar stools, lounges and ottomans. This room can also be customized into multiple breakout pods by the use of mobile felt partition walls installed on ceiling tracks. The interior design of the space combined with dramatic views to downtown provide a truly memorable meeting experience found only in San Antonio.

Technical Specs

Audio reinforcement system

Multiple locations are provided in the room for wired microphones. Both wall and floor box microphone wired inputs are accommodated. In addition, portable audio devices such as IPods can plug into the wall plates at multiple locations on each wall for music playback through the sound system. Two (2) wireless mics are provided, both handheld and lapel units are included. Six (6) base mount gooseneck mics are also provided. Pendant hung ceiling speakers provide distributed speech and program audio reinforcement throughout the meeting room.

Video presentation system

Front projected video is displayed utilizing a ceiling mounted 14’-0”(w) x 8’-9”(h) motorized roll-down screen. Audio and video content produced by pre-recorded DVD’s, wireless video devices (IPhones/Androids), laptop computers and a rack mounted tower computer can all be displayed on the projection screen utilizing the 14,000 lumen video projector. The projector will produce approximately 116 foot lamberts per sq. ft. of brightness which is suitable for high ambient light environments. There are eleven (11) locations in the room to plug in a laptop computer for display purposes. A small confidence monitor is provided that plugs into a plate at each head wall for a total of three (3) locations. A central multi-format media matrix switcher is provided for the routing of all video content. This is a modular system using both digital and analog video formats. A 3 HIGH BY 3 WIDE VIDEO WALL COMPRISED OF 55” VIDEO DISPLAYS IS ALSO INCLUDED. ANY VIDEO SOURCE CAN BE INDEPENDENTLY DISPLAYED UTILIZING THE VIDEO PROJECTOR OR VIDEO WALL.

Integrated control system

This system allows for the control of all room audiovisual elements including the architectural preset lighting system. Color touch screen control panels provide the user interface to all room components. A wall mounted 7” LCD control panel and a portable 7” control panel have been provided. The portable panel can plug into numerous locations throughout the room

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